Posted by Kosmopoliti

I did not make any new year resolutions (To be honest I have given up on these a long time ago) But end last year I have (re) discovered one passion of mine, and I made a promise to myself that this this new year will be about …… reading books.
Reading books is something I already loved when I was young. I can remember going to the public library with my mother. When I became older the local bookstore was added to my experiences. Although the brick and mortar bookstores are disappearing more and more, I love to pay a visit to the ones that are still around.
Today, digital books seems to be the norm. Being born in the late 60’s of the last century and growing up with physical books, I must say that the physical books are still my favourite.
But slowly I’m adding digital and audio books to my library. The fact that for the last two years I am traveling a lot more than I used to, contributed to this shift. Nevertheless I still love to hold a physical book in my hands, and browsing through a book and feel the individual pages softly touching my fingertips . For me this is also an important part of the reading experience.
Having said this, I started to collect more books, more books than I can read. At least that was what I was thinking. But than I found this course on that teaches you how to read. Forget reading all books from beginning to end as learned at young age, that is not necessary (at least not in all cases). At the moment in the middle of the course, but learning interesting things.

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