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Going back in time

Home of the Cyclops

Close to the Etna volcano, the Cyclops had their den. Following the encounter with Odysseus (Ulysses (Roman)) the blinded cyclops Polyphemus tried to prevent Odysseus and his men from fleeing with their boat by throwing big rocks in their direction.

Noto, Baroque city

Walking through Noto, Sicily. Noto is famous for its Baroque buildings. For a very delicious lunch, check out Trattoria Fontana d’Ercole.

Zeus showing his face, Sicily Italy

Walking along the beach of Fontane Bianchi, this cloud formation formed. As being in the area of Magna Graecia of the ancient Greeks, the link to Zeus was quickly made in my imagination.

Fountain of Diana

The Fountain of Diana, is located at the Piazza Archimede in Syracuse, Sicily. The Fountain is the work of Giulio Moschetti.

Icarus and the temple of Concordia

One of the must visit places on Sicily is the Valle dei Templi (valley of the temples) near the town of Agrigento. The second half of the afternoon gives you beautiful sceneries with the sunset. Here the temple of Concordia build in the 5th century BC. In the foreground the remains of a Icarus statue.