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Going back in time Home of the Cyclops Close to the Etna volcano, the Cyclops had their den. Following the encounter with Odysseus (Ulysses (Roman)) the blinded cyclops Polyphemus tried to prevent Odysseus and his m...


Amsterdam pride 2018

I must admit something upfront. Although being born in and have lived the majority of my life in Amsterdam, I had never taken the opportunity to visit the canal parade in Amsterdam. The reasons are multiple but anyway I di...


Books 2017

To follow up on my earlier promise I made to myself last year I will share my reading journey of 2017. Lets start by saying that I lived up to my promise. I increased the number of books that i read and listened to. Of cou...


Morning mirror revisited

When the opportunity is there I will revisit the morning mirror theme. This one is taken on one of my weekly business trips. Same apartment hotel, different room somewhere in Germany. ...



Besides reading to which I will dedicate a separate post, I have picked up photographing again. I am of course a complete novice. I am bad at photographing people I always was looking to symmetry in the world around me. I ...



I did not make any new year resolutions (To be honest I have given up on these a long time ago) But end last year I have (re) discovered one passion of mine, and I made a promise to myself that this this new year will be a...